Customised & Personalised USB Memory Sticks

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USB memory sticks have long been our expertise and we are able to offer quantities both large and small in very short turnaround times, at prices that are always hard to beat. You can further enhance your purchase by adding our attractive presentation boxes. Take advantage of the desirability and portability of memory sticks by offering them to potential clients – the ultimate marketing gift!

What is it used for?

The USB memory sticks can be used to store all sorts of digital files from word documents and spreadsheets to music, images and video files. The larger the memory is, the more files you will be able to save to it. These devices are particularly useful for transferring files between devices, as they are pocket-sized and portable.

Used in promotional campaigns

Many companies use customised memory sticks as promotional products in marketing campaigns. Unlike traditional promotional products like badges and stickers, Customised or Personalised USB memory sticks are actually valuable to customers and likely to be used again and again. With so many benefits, it is no wonder that so many companies (both big and small) are investing in branded USBs for their promotional campaigns. Here at BabyUSB Ltd. you will get the best online collection of all promotional USB drives, power banks & other USB products.

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