Neon USB Flash Drives

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Looking for unique and quirky promotional products? Look no further! Our new range below is sure to leave a lighting impression. Simply insert them into a computer and they will light up, giving your company logo a neon glow.

Our designs

Here on our website you will find a number of attractive designs to choose from. Whilst they may look like your standard drives, once you pop them into your computer, you will see the potential they possess. Whether you are looking to use your device for promotional purposes or to give to your staff, you are sure to be pleased with the designs we have on offer.

Customising your USB drives

USB drives make excellent promotional products, as they are something that people can actually use and therefore have a long shelf life. If you are looking for promotional items that literally stand out from the rest, we highly recommend picking up one of our neon designs, which can be customised with your company logo.

BabyUSB offers two different customisation services for the product. You can either select our pad printing service or our choose our neon printing service to make your logo light up when the drive is inserted into a computer.

All of our customisation services are carried out to a high standard. Simply get in touch with your bespoke requirements and we will do all of the hard work for you!

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