Card USB Flash Drives

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These are the hottest in town. They boast a massive print area, along with a possibility of full colour process printing. This makes them the ideal branding tools for businesses of all sizes.

BabyUSB range

In this section of our website you will find an extensive range of card USBs to choose from. They are available in various different thicknesses and materials including wood, metal and plastic, to suit all tastes and requirements. All of the products in this range are fully customisable and available at competitive prices.

What's so great about this type of USB drives?

Not only are these USBs unique and stylish, but they are also extremely practical! Shaped like a credit card, they are the perfect size for slotting inside a wallet or purse. The fact they are so practical will make them even more appealing to your customers and business associates. Give them out instead of your average business cards and make your company stand out for all of the right reasons!

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