Capless USB Flash Drives

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The name says it all. Tired of losing your head? Why not opt for one of our popular capless USB designs? This range of USBs is available in various different shapes and sizes to suit all tastes. Use them to promote your business to new customers and thank your most valued business associates.

Why go capless?

As great as traditional USB drives are, it is easy to lose their protective caps and it can be extremely frustrating when you do! Luckily for you we have designed a wide range of attractive options. Our capless range boast various different functionalities including flip, twist, swivel and retract mechanisms. Who needs a cap when your USB can do all that?

Customising options

Available in a wide range of materials including plastic and metal. We also have mini versions and extra thin sides for those looking for pocket-sized promotional products.

All BabyUSB drives are fully customisable. Add your company logo to them using one of our customisation services. Choose from pad printing, full colour printing and laser engraving, depending on the material your USB is made from and the look you want to achieve. Full colour printing is recommended for companies with bright and bold logos, whereas laser engraving is suitable for metal USBs and provides a longer lasting finish.

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