Portable Desk Fan and Phone Stand

USB Charging portable desk fan and phone stand

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Dimensions LxWxD (mm): 206 x 107 x 44
Dimensions of print area (mm): 20 x 80mm and 35mmD
Minimum order quantity: 50
Lead time: 3 to 4 weeks

Our handheld desk fan provides a refreshing breeze wherever you go. Whether you’re at your desk, commuting, or enjoying outdoor activities, our compact fan will keep you cool and comfortable.

With the integrated phone stand, you can easily prop up your smartphone in both portrait and landscape modes. Perfect for watching videos, video calls, or using your phone to read the latest news articles.
USB Rechargeable: No need to worry about batteries or constantly buying replacements. Our handheld desk fan and phone stand combo is USB rechargeable, making it convenient and eco-friendly

Designed to be lightweight and portable, our combo easily fits in your bag or backpack. It’s an ideal companion for travel, outdoor events, or simply for use around the house.

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