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BabyUSB offers a wide range of services that go along with Branded USB`s. You can look at what best fits your need or contact us if you would like a personal touch.

Flash Drives are the best form of branding available in the promotional industry. Not only are you able to customise the physical aspect of the drive but now are able to upload data. This makes the Flash Drives the most valuable tool and most widely wanted.
Why not take advantage of this service by uploading word documents, pdf files, audio or video files, flash presentation and power point presentations?


  • With our auto-run your pre-loaded logo, advertisements or presentation will run immediately when the flash drive is inserted into the computer. Not only will they see your logo but will be able to view you catalogue, products, services and company information. Choose to outsmart your competitor by opting for the auto-run feature for optimum brand recognition.


  • Standard Data Loading:

    BabyUSB also offers a standard data loading service which allows users to delete upon viewing the documents.

  • Partition Drive:

    BabyUSB flash drives can be partitioned to form 2 drives. This is a useful method of securing information onto the partition drive.

  • Password Protection:

    BabyUSB drives can come with password protection software. Users will be prompted to enter the password before entering the flash drive.

  • Non Erasable Auto Run:

    BabyUSB flash drives can be loaded with non erasable data that will auto-run when inserted into the computer.


  • Email CD Flash FTP


  • The `volume label` is the name assigned to the Flash Drive when the disk is first formatted or created. We can customise this name on your request up to a maximum of eleven characters. The customised device appears with this name when plugged into a computer: a small but noticeable touch.

Disclaimer: The pre-loading feature or auto-run may not work properly on MAC computers. Although these functions may not work but BabyUSB flash drives should be compatible with MAC computers to store data and transferring of files. If you have any queries with regards to data loading service or are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact BabyUSB sales team.

If you are unsure of the types of data loading you require, give us a call on 0800 6443004 and we will be happy to help

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