The Great Advantages of Using USB Technology for Promotions and Business

At BabyUSB, we are committed to providing you with affordable and eye-catching products to help you step onto the leading edge of business. Our USB devices can be branded with your business name or logo, and we can design your USB devices to match the shape, colour or look of your product. Our custom designed USB devices make excellent promotional gifts and are the future of business. People can be quick to glance over or pass by brochures, but a customized USB stick will always stand out and grab attention.

Here are 3 advantages of using custom designed, branded and bespoke USB devices for your business or promotional gifts:

Going Green:

The environment and the need to protect it is a major concern and focus for many people and businesses in the world today. People are beginning to demand that businesses decrease their carbon footprint and aim to provide only eco-friendly products. If you have a presentation to give to a group of clients, instead of giving them lots of information in paper handouts, now you are able to simply offer them a customized USB stick, which can hold all of the information. By reducing paper use, we are able to save trees and help to protect our environment.

The Leading Edge of Promotions:

The old way meant that you needed to print out flyers, brochures or booklets in order to hand out to potential clients to promote your business or service. Designing these booklets and flyers can be rather time-consuming, not to mention the extra paper waste. People are so accustomed to receiving brochures and booklets these days that most of the time these booklets end up in trash cans or the backseats of cars without ever being read. When you offer a client a branded USB device instead of a flyer, this is certainly something that will catch their eye and spark their attention, and will guarantee that they browse through the information on the device.

Minimizing Time and Costs:

It is very time consuming and expensive having to print out information for lots of people, clients or a meeting, especially if you have a huge presentation with lots of colour images. This can all add up and really eat into your pockets. Using our branded and customized USB devices are a great way to share your presentations, proposals and other information without the time-consuming and costly venture of having to print it all out.

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Top Benefits of a Power Bank

Power banks have a number of benefits and at times a power bank can be life saving. A power bank is a medium sized electronic device that is used to store electricity that can be used to charge various devices.

Here is a look at the top benefits of a power bank and why you need one.

Keeping Your Mobile Charged

There might be times where your phone runs out of power and you are not able to charge it through an electrical socket. A power bank is able to give your phone the charge it needs especially in times of an emergency. With a power bank, you are able to keep your mobile phone on and receive your calls and messages.

Highly Portable

Power banks are highly portable, which make them great devices for those that travel. The design of a power bank makes them easy to take anywhere and you are able to charge your device when you need to.

Power Bank Options

There are a number of options available in terms of power banks, which means that they are able to cater to your needs. Power banks will have different capacities, which means they are able to store different amounts of electricity. You will then need to choose a power bank that is suitable for the devices that you wish to charge.  If the device that you want to charge on the go has a high battery capacity, then you need to pick a power bank that is able to match this or offers more, so that you are able to charge the device more than once.

They Are Affordable

Power banks are actually affordable, but the price that you will pay for one of these devices will depend on the capacity you are looking at. The prices are generally cheaper for a lower capacity and increase as the capacity does.

When The Power Goes Off

If you suffer from a power outage and your device has a low battery, then a power bank can be invaluable especially if you are expecting an important business call or need to use a device to work. A power bank is able to offer you power until the mains comes back on.

The major advantage of a power bank is that it is able to give you the freedom to charge a battery when there are no other options. Power banks are always handy and this is why they are becoming increasingly popular among users.


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The Benefits of Promotional Gifts for Small Businesses

As a small business, there are different ways for you to bring brand exposure to your business, but promotional gifts should be part of your marketing mix as they are able to offer a number of benefits to your small business.

Here is a look at the benefits of promotional products for your small business.

An Increase in Brand Recognition

One of the main goals for businesses whether they are small or large, is brand recognition. The goal here is for the business to stand out from competition, but to also be present in the minds of customers. Promotional gifts are a simple way for your small business to increase brand awareness. You are able to customise a product that a customer will use with your logo. As the customer will use the item, your brand will stay in their minds.

A Low Cost with A Large Outreach

As a small business, you will have a limited budget, which can make marketing choices difficult, as you will need to choose marketing that will give you the most value for a low cost. Promotional products are a great investment that are able to add value to your business. Promotional products offer a lasting and large impact for a small cost. A great way to increase customer loyalty is to give a promotional gift to customers that make a purchase with you.

Promotional Products and Business Cards

Business cards are a valuable business tool, but promotional products are a fun way to show your contact information. You can give a customer your business card with a promotional item, so that they remember who you are and if the business card gets lost, they are still able to contact you.

Repeat Exposure

Your small business should think about repeat exposure when you are marketing. You need to be able to keep your business fresh in customer’s minds, without having to keep spending money. Repeat exposure can be achieved with promotional products that a customer will use, like a USB, a power bank and other useful gadgets.

Keep It Varied

Have a look at your marketing portfolio and see if you have enough variety. Having staple marketing products is great, but you also need to vary what you are using to brand your business. This keeps things fresh and you will have something new to offer customers.

Promotional gifts are a great way for your small business to bring brand awareness, so that you are able to attract new customers and increase your sales.


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How Do Promotional Items Work for your Business?

Promotional items should form part of your marketing mix. You will need to have a tangible product that someone would use, like a USB or power bank with your company name and logo on.

Here is how your business can benefit from promotional items.

Market Reach

Giving out promotional items means that the recipient will see your message, but also others that come into contact with the recipient like co-workers, friends and family, which means you are able to reach a wider market.

Your Message is Seen

Ads on TV can now be skipped and in magazines, many will skip past these pages. Providing a tangible product to customers will help you to get your message seen.

Long Term Brand Awareness

If the promotional gift you are giving is something that can be used by recipients, then they will keep it and use it. This means your business is constantly being exposed and your brand will be on customer’s mind more.

Show Your Customers Are Valued

We all like to receive a gift, so when you give customers a promotional gift they will see that your business values them as a customer.

Attract Attention

Giving free items away will bring attention to your business. Promotional gifts can be used at tradeshows to draw in potential customers.


Using promotional products is a great way to start a conversation and to engage with potential customers. Also, these customers are more likely to listen to what you say because you gave them something for free.

Larger Advertising

It is important to market to your target audience, but promotional products are able to give you, even more, exposure that goes beyond your target. Promotional items are easy to take around so you are able to penetrate a larger audience.

Happy Customers

Customers will buy when they are happy and these customers will come back. You are able to give a promotional gift to apologise for a situation that occurred or you can use them to just thank customers for placing an order.

Promotional gifts can be used in a number of ways, which will help you to retain customers, but also attract new customers. Promotional gifts are a great way to get your brand exposed, but the gifts that you give out should be useful. This ensures that a current or potential customer will constantly see your brand every time they use the promotional gift.

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5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Choosing Promotional Gifts

When you’re deciding on promotional products for your business, and your mindset is to just go with the cheapest item because as long as it’s free everyone will love it, your marketing efforts will just be for nothing. Advertising your company through gifts is an investment and a marketing method that should be well planned and executed. You don’t want to spend for promotional items that people will just throw away or stash in their drawers. Avoid these mistakes to make sure your marketing efforts give you the ROI and success you are aiming for.

  1. Not Having a Plan

Everything involved in a business needs a plan. From the onset, you have to determine what your objective is for distributing promotional items. Is it to raise brand awareness or to increase traffic to your website? How are you going to distribute your marketing gifts? How much can you allocate for your budget? These factors will affect your decision on what products are best for your advertising plans and goals.

  1. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

Understand the needs and lifestyles of your audience. For example, if your target market is Millenials or the tech generation, then you know that these individuals want to stay connected and plugged even when on the go. Customized and branded power banks would be a great way to advertise your business, and meet the needs of your target customers at the same time. Your promotional items won’t end up up gathering dust in the bottom of a drawer for sure.

  1. Not Branding Your Promotional Gifts

Studies show that branded marketing products can influence your customers 20% more to buy from you again. You have to make your promotional items recognizable with a brand that is unique and personal. For example, if you are a travel company, you can go for a customized USB shaped like an airplane or luggage.

  1. Going for the Cheapest Promotional Items

Poor quality marketing gifts are not only a waste of your money; they create a bad image for your company as well. What would your target clients think of your products or services if the flash drive you gave them doesn’t even work? Don’t let your customers think that you would rather choose a few dollars of savings over client satisfaction.

  1. Choosing Promotional Products that Don’t Give Value to Your Company

As mentioned above, marketing gifts are an expense, and since you’re already going to be spending for them you have to make sure they are going to give you your money’s worth. When selecting your business promotional items, ask yourself if they will actually influence your target audience to do business with you. Do they give the needed information or methods for clients to get in touch with you? Do they provide new or effective ways to interact with potential customers?

Don’t wait for the last minute to decide and order promotional products. Plan your marketing strategy smartly and efficiently, then get in touch with a reliable company that specializes in promotional gifts. You want to make sure you’re working with experts who understand the value of creating and giving high-quality and effective marketing products.

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Bespoke USB – The Power of Surprise.

So the results are in and the dust has begun to settle since our last blog post on the great surprise that was the 2015 UK general election.

Not that we’re averse to surprises of course, nor should you be. Especially when it comes to surprising your customers with practical, value for money promotional gifts. We spoke last week about Bespoke Powerbanks. But our most popular bespoke gift by far remains our outstanding Bespoke USBs.

These one off pieces, designed especially for your company with your target audience in mind, are always highly sought after at trade shows and exhibitions – watch them just fly off of your table! The images below show some of the most recent examples of Bespoke USBs we have produced; among them, Key Travel, who requested we produce a suitcase shaped USB. Or how about our SpongeBob SquarePants USB? Or the USBs that JCB ordered from us…shaped like diggers! The possibilities and truly endless and the only real limit is your imagination. Once you have a design in mind, our skilled team can turn it into a reality.

Our Bespoke USBs are available in a range of memory sizes and can be delivered to you in some of the fastest lead times and lowest MOQs on the market.

Get in touch with us today to find out how Bespoke USB’s can help you to build better customer relationships – through the power of surprise.

Custom shape usb

Custom shape Key Travel USB

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Get more power for your smart phones with our PowerBanks

As Britain prepares to go the polls tomorrow, we’ll be making a decision that has become more difficult over the last few months. Which colour to choose – blue, red, yellow… or perhaps green?

BabyUSB, however, can offer you something easier. Head over to today and you’ll be able to choose any colour you want with our new Bespoke Powerbanks. A must have accessory for people on the move, our Bespoke Powerbanks ensure that you’ll always have power to keep your devices working, whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure. No more worrying out dead batteries, calls getting cut off, or emails not being sent.

So whether you’re a politician waiting up all night for your constituency’s results, or a journalist covering unfolding developments, you can count on our Powerbanks to keep you connected.

A Powerbank is essentially an external lithium-ion re-chargeable battery that can be used to power up all sorts of electronic devices including smartphones, digital tablets and e-readers like Kindles. They are super easy to charge using a basic USB cable. Another great thing about USB power banks is their compact and light design, which makes them easy to carry around with you.

At BabyUSB we are very happy to offer you a much wider range of choices when it comes to our products, especially Bespoke Powerbanks – and unlike the election, the outcome is guaranteed: a quality product at market leading prices!

Bespoke power bank

Bespoke power bank

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Branded USB Drives – a Very Sensible Use of a Business Marketing Budget

If you have just set up a business, it’s likely that your marketing budget will be very small. In order to make sure you generate the best results from your marketing spend, you need to think carefully about the best marketing products and resources for your business.

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The Value of Giving Out Promotional USB Drives to Students

Students are currently getting ready to go back to school, college and university, providing book companies, supermarkets and shoe stores with the perfect opportunity to market their educational products. Whilst print ads, email offers and flyers are all very well and good, if you want to ensure students choose your brand over your competitors, you need to offer them branded products of value, like promotional USB drives. And which student wouldn’t love a free USB drive?!

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There are Plenty of Customisation Options with Branded USB Drives

In order for promotional products to do their job of advertising your business, they need to be highly customisable. Although there are hundreds of promotional products out there, when it comes to customisation some are better than others. If you are looking for promotional products for your business that are highly customisable and can be tailored to your unique specification, we highly recommend choosing branded USB drives.

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