Why are USB Cards so Much Better than Regular Business Cards

The business card has been a traditional item to hand out to potential customers or business partners. However many believe the business card is starting to become increasingly outdated, even obsolete for some. There is of course a need to pass on your details to potential clients or companies you could work with so the USB card has been heralded as a solution.

What is a USB card?

A USB card is a USB drive that can be similar to a business card in the sense you can customise it to have the general details a business card may have on it such as company name and contact details etc. It is of course much more than just being a simple piece of card. A USB card is a piece of technology which will be useful to whoever you give it to for other purposes too.

USB cards are great devices

A USB card also can also provide the business card details on a document on the USB itself rather than branded onto the surface of the USB drive. There are many benefits to using a USB drive as a contact card rather than a traditional business card and this article will discuss why.

More uses than a business card

Whoever you give a USB card to will find it far more useful than a basic business card. When you hand out a business card quite often they will simply be put to the side and forgotten about and perhaps even put in the bin.

However when you hand out a USB card to someone they know that this has more value to it than a traditional business card. As well as that a USB card is something they may use in the future and if others see them using this it is advertising for you.

Environmentally Friendly

Handing out USB cards which will last a lot longer and be more useful to people than business cards is seen as being environment friendly. Printing masses of business cards that in the majority of cases will not even be used can be seen as a waste of money and negative for the environment.

Can save you money in the long run

Although the initial cost of buying USB cards will be a fair bit more expensive than printing some business cards in the majority of cases your return on investment will be far greater with them.

Potential customers are far more likely to give you repeat business if they are using your USB card regularly, they will constantly be reminded of your brand.

Why not try USB cards for your business?

USB cards make you stand out

People are handed generic looking paper business cards every day and will not think they are anything special. If you give somebody a smart looking USB card it will instantly grab their attention as it will definitely be something different to what they are used to. Most likely they will have never even seen a business card being handed out in this format and this is to your advantage.

Everybody loves technology

In the modern digital age technology is at the forefront of everything we do and by adapting and using USB cards your business will be seen as a forward thinking business. Any business that embraces technology is one that will be ready for the future and a USB card is a great way to start doing that.


Hopefully this article has convinced you on why a USB card is a much better alternative to the traditional business card. Contact us at BabyUSB to see how we can help you design your own personal USB cards for your business.

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