Using USBs as a Security Key to Access Your Technology Devices

USB drives are fantastic technologies that have a range of uses. USBs being used as security keys for your computer may sound like something only seen in James Bond films. However they have existed commercially since 2000 and are increasing in popularity.

In the modern digital world we live in we do not simply just work on desktop computers anymore. A great deal of work is on laptops and other portable devices which are a lot easier to lose or even have stolen. USB drives can be used as security keys for these devices and are a lot more secure than a simple password.

The key is with you

Specially created USB drives are being made that you can program to make it so the only way anybody is allowed to access your computer is if the USB drive is connected to it at the same time. This of course has obvious benefits for the army or secret service, but is being increasingly used by businesses.

Having the key to your computer with you keeps it safe

Often important information or documents that cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands is being stored on modern computers. Computers are so readily used that lots of data on our lives are often on computers. By having a USB drive act as a security key for your computer you can ensure your data is protected as the key to this data will always be with you.

Similarly computer users store passwords to their online accounts as cookies. Therefore if the computer was stolen and/or accessed then personal information, e.g. bank accounts, emails, etc. could be accessed. A USB drive security key again reduces the risk of this occurring.

Extra features

Many of the good USB security keys that are available on the market will be priced at a premium in comparison to a standard USB drive, but they also come with premium features. These USB keys will often fit onto your keychain so you can keep them with all your other valuable keys.

If you buy from specific security firms they will have customer support in case you ever lost your own key that only you would know. The worst scenario you could imagine is that you have a security key for your computer and you lose it so you could not access your own computer. Ensuring you buy from a reliable source can make sure you do not have this problem yourself.

Extra level of security

With masses of sensitive data being stored on computers in the modern day having an extra level of security is vital. USB security keys provide a cheaper alternative than many other methods available on the market and are simple to use.

If you are operating a business in which you hold sensitive data about customers it is important that only certain personnel see this data. Many Companies employ personnel who hold commercially sensitive information on their computers in some cases which are regulated by the Stock Exchange. Using USB security keys for specific personnel will ensure these keys computers can only be accessed by appropriate personnel.

How they work

USB security keys are far simpler to set-up than most people would believe. For most USB security keys all you need to do is plug it into the computer to enable the computer to work. In some cases when you insert the USB key into the computer you may have to put an additional password in. Most keys though allow you to choose whether this is an option or not.

You could use this style to disguise your security key.

Security keys will offer different features so it is important that you shop around to make sure you find the perfect security key for you.


USB security keys can be used for more than just a laptop or standard PC which makes them very versatile devices. A great aspect of USB drives is that you can customise them as well to suit your style and make them look exactly how you want.


If you feel that you need an extra level of security for your computer then using a USB security key is vital. Keeping your computer secure is often critical and a USB security key will certainly help you achieve this.

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