How to Save PS4/Xbox Game Data to Your USB Drive

USB drives have a multitude of purposes but perhaps their best feature is their versatility. The two main jobs of a USB drive are to store data and to transfer it between computers. An often underused feature of Xbox and PS4 consoles is that they also can have game data transferred between consoles (of the same type) by using an ordinary USB drive. If you want to learn how you can use a USB drive for transferring game data on an Xbox or PS4 then read this article.

How to save game data to a USB drive on a PS4

Before you do any of this you need to of course ensure that you have the PS4 ready and turned on and also a USB drive inserted into its relative USB port.

  1. The first step is to press the middle PlayStation button on your control.
  2. Find the settings menu on your console. This will be on the right side of the menu options.
  3. Find the drop down menu titled System Storage Management
  4. From here select the option titled Application Saved Data.
  5. A management menu should have appeared for you. Find the relevant data and press your triangle button.
  6. When you do this an option to copy the data should be available.
  7. Copy the data you want to save and find the USB device in the System Storage Management section.

If you put the USB drive into a computer now you will be able to see that there are files on your USB drive that are PS4 formatted files. To transfer this data to another PS4 you need to follow the exact steps as shown above, but instead of copying the data from the PS4 and transferring them to the USB drive you need to do the opposite. Transferring the data from the USB drive to the PS4 will put the saved game data from your other PS4 onto it.

One factor to bear in mind is that for a lot of PS4 saved games if you are not logged into the exact same online profile associated with the original save then you will not be able to use that saved game data. This is because each saved data is encrypted with code which only allows it to work with the specific online profile it was created on.

How to save game data to a USB drive on an Xbox One

As with the PS4 please ensure that you have the Xbox One turned on and a USB drive inserted into its relative USB port.

  1. Go to the Xbox Home section of your Xbox.
  2. Navigate through the menus until you find the settings menu.
  3. Select the option titled System.
  4. From here you should see another option titled storage, select this option.
  5. There should now be a drop down list of storage devices currently connected to your Xbox One as well as the Xbox One's actual hard drive.
  6. For the purpose of transferring game data from your Xbox One to a USB drive you will be copying data from the Xbox One hard drive.
  7. Choose the type of data you want to copy from the list available.
  8. Select the data you want to copy.
  9. If you want to copy more than one file at a time then click the option titled 'Copy or move multiple items using the transfer content option'.
  10. Select the storage device (the USB drive) that you are transferring the data to.

As with the PS4 the data will now show up on a computer when you insert the USB drive as Xbox One data. The same process as the PS4 applies with the Xbox One that you do all of the steps above but select the USB drive for transferring the data rather than the hard drive initially.


The benefits of using a USB drive for transferring game data are fantastic as you can now share saved game files with friends with ease. Using a USB drive is the simplest option available for transferring saved game data. This shows yet another amazing feature of USB drives.

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