The Use of Pantone Colours in USB Drive Personalisation

USB drives have nearly existed for 20 years now and are forever improving. One aspect of them which is becoming more and more popular is how customisable they are. There are many ways in which you can customise your USB drive such as its shape, size or the writing upon it.

However many people think the most important aspect of all is the colour, which is likely to make an initial impression. You may know exactly the colour you want already for your USB drive. The last problem you want to face is ordering a red USB drive and receiving a slightly different shade of red to what you were expecting (e.g. Cardinal, Scarlet, Vermilion, etc.)

The pantone colour system is the solution to this problem. This article investigates how Pantone colours can be used in USB drive personalisation.

Pantone colours

So you may be wondering what on Earth are Pantone colours? When investigating colours of course there are the standard, red, black, yellow, blue and green etc.

However with blue for example there is a wide range of different blues such as navy blue to sky blue. The Pantone colour system was set up to standardise all colours within industry so one business could get the exact colour they wanted when ordering a product. So if you wanted to order a scarlet red colour then there will be more than ten colours very similar, but you can use the Pantone colour system to get exactly the colour you want (e.g. 18-1662).

Pantone colours are ideal for USB personalisation as you do not have to settle for a colour close to what you want, but you can get the exact colour you want.

Colours offered by Pantone

The Pantone colour system offers 1,114 spot colours which can be customised further into a ridiculously large range of colours. There are various aspects to the system which allow for wide amounts of personalisation for your USB drive. Just by looking at the last five colours of the year voted by a jury for Pantone you can see the detail in the colours. Turquoise, Honeysuckle, Tangerine Tango, Emerald and Radiant Orchid are the winners of the prized Pantone colour of the year award in the last five years.

Benefits to the customer

It has become standard in industry to use the Pantone colour system to stop any confusion when products are ordered. It has been a revelation for creative businesses as it is now far easier to offer you the customer exactly what you want. At BabyUSB we use the pantone system. When it comes to designing your own personalised USB drive you can use the Pantone colour system to get the exact colour you want.

Why colour is important

As said previously colour is generally going to be the first part of your USB drive that anybody will notice. First impressions are important so you want to get the colour right to ensure it's a good impression. If you are going to use your USB drive for distributing as an advertising form for your business then it is even more important the colour reflects your business positively and matches your corporate styling guidelines.

Brighter colours will be better for companies that are all about creativity and design, whereas for a as a law firm you may want a colour like black or silver. By using Pantone colours you can find a colour that is perfect for personalising your USB drive.


It may be a bit daunting when you first look at the Pantone colour range due to its sheer enormity, but the benefits to the user are obvious. If you have found the perfect Pantone colour for your USB let us know, but if you are not sure let us here at BabyUSB help you.

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