Calculate the Memory Required When Ordering Your USB Drives

USB drives are very versatile and can be used for many different means. Something that can be confusing to many is the different memory USB drives can hold.

Some USB drives may only hold 128MB of data whereas some can hold 256 GB! There is a massive difference in this amount of data and it may be confusing as to which you need to buy.

The size of the USB drive also is a big factor in how much it will cost to buy. For most people 256 GB is way more than they will ever need, but for some it would be very useful.

This article will help you to know which size of memory you should be going to buy. We will help you to understand how to work it out for yourself what type of USB drive you should be buying.

Determine the purpose of the USB drive

Before you can even begin to look at USB drives and their memory capacity you need to first work out what it is exactly you will be using the USB drive for. For many users a 2GB device will be more than they ever need and is perfect as it cost effective and can store many computer files.

Make sure you choose a USB drive that has enough memory for your needs.

However if you are going to be transferring mass amounts of data such as photos and movie files you will need a sizable USB drive. Once you know exactly what you will use the USB drive for then we can begin to decide what size of memory you will require from your USB drive.

Small documents and music:

Generally there is no point in buying a memory stick with less than 2GB as this size USB drive is still very cost-effective. Buying a 128MB USB drive for a slightly lower cost is not really worth it as you very likely to run out of space on such a small USB drive.

A 2GB USB drive will allow you to store over 50,000 documents so is perfect for anybody who just needs a USB drive for simple document portability. You can store up to nearly 10 hours of music on a 2GB USB drive as well, but if you are looking for a USB drive to store your whole music collection on you will need a bigger USB drive.


For students a 4GB USB drive should be perfect. This will allow you to backup all of your documents that you use during your degree and leave a bit of space for music and small video files.

As you would expect this size of USB drive can hold double the space of the 2GB USB drive. 1000 minutes of music offers a fair selection and that is generally enough to store many people's music libraries.

Large amounts of music and business:

An 8GB USB drive is when we are starting to get to quite a large amount of data. You will be able to store far more documents than you would ever need on this size of USB drive.

For business people who may be storing presentations and documents with pictures in this is an ideal sized USB drive because it can hold a lot more memory intensive files. Again if music is your passion you can store up to nearly three days' worth of music on this size of USB drive.

If you store films you will need a very big USB drive.

A 16GB USB drive will be used for similar purposes to the 8GB, but of course will offer you double the memory capacity.

Mass amount of files and videos:

When you start storing videos and films on USB drives this is when you need sizable USB drives. A 32GB or 64GB USB drive will be needed if you are looking to store massive amounts of music on your USB drive.

Also feature length films will be at least a few GBs in size by themselves so you will need a suitable USB drive to store them.

Backup hard drive:

If you really want a very portable hard drive then a 128GB or a massive 256 GB USB drive is for you.

These will be ideal when you need to store a big amount of films and videos or even PC games onto your USB drive. These are big investments though so ensure before you buy one this is what you need.


As you can see not all USB drives were created equal. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to deciding what USB drive you should be buying. We at BabyUSB hope this article has helped you decide what is perfect for you. If you need any more help please contact us and we can help you decide what USB drive you should buy.

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